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Homemade Blueberry Shortcake with Lainie Eilenberger your Lubbock & West Texas Real Estate Expert

Hello, West Texas! Lainie Eilenberger here from Key and Slate Real Estate Group. Today, we're stepping out of the world of real estate and into the kitchen to whip up a delightful dessert that's close to my heart. As we're in the heat of the summer and with July 4th celebrations around the corner, it's the perfect time to share my favorite Blueberry Shortcake recipe with homemade whipped cream.

As a child, I remember looking forward to dessert time whenever there was a family gathering. Whether it was after a big family meal or a casual get-together, the arrival of a Blueberry Shortcake was always a special treat. It's hard to beat the combination of the sweet, juicy blueberries, the rich homemade whipped cream, and the fluffy, lightly sweetened shortcakes. It's a dessert that truly captures the essence of summer, making it perfect for a hot July 4th holiday.

Here's my go-to recipe. Always remember to use the best quality ingredients you can find, preferably locally sourced from our proud West Texas farmers.


1. 1 pound fresh blueberries

2. 1/4 cup sugar

3. 2 cups all-purpose flour

4. 1 tablespoon baking powder

5. 1/2 teaspoon salt

6. 1/2 cup unsalted butter, cold and diced

7. 2/3 cup whole milk

8. 1 cup heavy cream

9. 2 tablespoons powdered sugar

10. 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Cooking Directions:

1. Let's get this show on the road, starting with our star: the blueberries. In a large bowl, combine your fresh blueberries and sugar. Mix them gently until the blueberries are well coated in sugar. Set this mixture aside to allow the blueberries to release their natural juices. This, my friend, is the beginning of the magic.

2. Now, let's work on the shortcakes. In a mixing bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder, and salt. Then add the cold, diced butter. Now, get your hands in there, and gently work the butter into the flour mixture until it resembles coarse crumbs. Yes, it's a bit messy, but it's all part of the fun.

3. Pour in the milk, and stir until just combined. This will be your shortcake dough. Be careful not to overmix – we want these shortcakes light and fluffy.

4. Drop generous spoonfuls of the dough onto a baking sheet. I like mine about the size of a biscuit, but you can make them as big or as small as you like. Pop them into an oven preheated to 425°F (220°C), and bake for about 15 minutes, or until they're a lovely golden brown.

5. While those beauties are baking, it's time to make our homemade whipped cream. In a chilled bowl, beat the heavy cream until soft peaks form. Gradually add the powdered sugar and vanilla extract, continuing to beat until you have stiff peaks. Homemade whipped cream truly makes all the difference, darlin'.

6. Once your shortcakes have cooled slightly, cut them in half. Spoon some of those juicy blueberries onto the bottom half, add a dollop (or two!) of whipped cream, and cap it off with the top half of the shortcake.

7. Add more whipped topping to the top half of the shortcake and top with as many decorative blueberries as you'd like.

Stepping back into the realm of real estate, I strive to serve all of West Texas with the same dedication and attention to detail that I put into my kitchen. We provide top notch real estate services to all the following West Texas cities: Abernathy, Brownfield, Buffalo Springs, Crosbyton, Denver City, Farwell, Floydada, Hale Center, Lamesa, Levelland, Littlefield, Lubbock, Muleshoe, New Deal, New Home, Olton, Plains, Plainview, Post, Ralls, Ransom Canyon, Seagraves, Seminole, Silverton, Slaton, Snyder, Spur, Sudan, Sundown, Tahoka, Tulia, Wolfforth,, and everywhere in between, We are your trusted guides for all your real estate needs. Whether it's homes, land, commercial or luxury real estate, you can count on me and the team at Key and Slate Real Estate Group.

In real estate, like in cooking, the best results come from using the highest quality ingredients, or in this case, properties, and from a guide who knows the landscape like the back of their hand. If you have any questions about the market, don't hesitate to reach out to me or visit my websites below.

Remember, every great meal or real estate deal starts with Key and Slate. So why not savor a slice of Blueberry Shortcake this 4th of July and let's celebrate the true spirit of West Texas. God bless, y'all!

Image of a scrumptious homemade Blueberry Shortcake arranged on a rustic table setting, bursting with fresh, juicy blueberries and a generous dollop of whipped cream, prepared by Lainie Eilenberger of Key and Slate Real Estate Group, your trusted expert for all real estate needs in Lubbock and West Texas.
Image of Blueberry Shortcake made by Lainie Eilenberger your Lubbock and West Texas Real Estate Agent

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